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Wera Piątek | graphic designer & illustrator

I was born and raised in the north of Poland. I graduated MA (2011) in Graphic Design and Printmaking at University of Arts in Poznan, PL. I have been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. I love working across a range of different media to create bright and original pieces of art and design.     I always enjoy being faced with new challenges which develop my skills. My works are characterized by a thick outline, multiplication, simplicity and sometimes intentional naivety. I am an avid traveller collecting inspiration for my artwork everywhere I explore.

If you like my works, I am always interested in collaboration with you.  

Collective Exhibitions:
*Hit the White, Wellington NZ
*Dyplomy 2011, WTC Poznań PL
*Migration to Europe: Can It Work for Development?, Czech Council on Foreign Relations, Praha CZ;
 European Commission, Berlaymont Esplanade, Brussels BE
*Students, Galeria Koszarowa, ASP Katowice PL 

*Figurama 2010, Stredoslovenská Galéria, Bánská Bystrica SK, Universidad Polytécnica, Valencia,
 Spain, Avalon Business Center, Plzeň CZ

*Gallery 1010, Knoxville TN USA
*Noc Muzeów, Muzeum Sztuk Użytkowych, Poznań PL
*5, Academia Nova, Wrocław PL
*The United Nations Conference on Climate Change, WTC Poznań PL
*Za miedzą, Cracow PL

*Family portrait, Lublin PL

*Landscapes of Bydgoszcz, Technician House, Bydgoszcz PL
*The first year in European Union, Warsaw PL

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